Welcome to Green Hills Hotel

Green Hills Hotel has two hotel facilities located in Kampala and Kabale cities. The business was officially registered in 2003 and started with a hotel in Kabale. The hotel in Kampala was recently completed around September 2008 and is now fully operational. At the Green Hills Hotels, we strive to give comfort and relaxation to our guests. Both hotels are tailored to promote an “at home” feel – within a boutique hotel setting. You have a choice between garden sitting, poolside, lounge and rooftop for relaxation.

Green Hills Hotel & Apartments: Kampala

Green Hills Hotel Kampala is conveniently located in the quiet outskirts of Kampala city, offering a private getaway just fifteen minutes away from the city centre. The hotel is located on Sserumaga Road, (off Kisaasi Road), about two minutes off the main Bukoto-Ntinda main road. We offer a variety of services suited for both business and holiday purposes.


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